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Consultations For The People

You're probably here because you need some specialized info! Whether it's regarding your pretty sweet script with a cute queerious couple, a production that has a pretty intense red room, or an event that's surrounded by unconventional might need a gal with some expertise.  It's me, I'm that gal! Or you might just be a boss ass person that's like 'yo, I saw your IG and got your books, but like...I still need some expert advice'. I gotchu! Check out the options below and together we can create something wonderfully authentic.

***Note: I am not a therapist I just have the experience, skill, and passion for the Alt Lifestyle. ***

***Disclaimer for all of those subby, sissy, and slave-type kinksters looking for a Domme...***

Please don't spam my inbox asking for "Training" "Online Domination" or "Instructions" ya dig? Any offers of your submission, service, assistance, keyholder requests, specialized content or worship, will be trashed with the quickness. This is not the place for you.

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