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Meet Pj

Name: PJ (She/Her/They) 📍 Location: Los Angeles

Bio: Creative Artist | Consultant | DEI Educator | Author | Curator | Intimacy Coordinator.

Hey there! I'm PJ, and I have a passion for creating inclusive, empowering spaces, and building communities. My background ranges from creative aspects of the entertainment industry, hospitality and high-profile events. I have a penchant for finding innovative ways to bridge intersectional gaps between marginalized communities and the mainstream. As a queer, melanated woman with a neurospicy edge, I actively advocate, amplify, and challenge the status quo by redefining societal norms and promoting authentic self-expression.

Professional Background & Training

Training Highlights:

IDC Professionals 

  • Foundations of Intimacy IC Cohort Levels 1-3, (Pending level 4 completion).


  • Working w/ Trans & NB Artists.

  • Intimacy Beyond the Binary.

  • Non - Consensual Intimacy.

  • Staging Sex: Poly Am, Non Monag, & Groups.

  • Foundations of Race & Intimacy.

Aid & Interpersonal Training

  • Mental Health First Aider.

  • Harassment & Sexual Assault.

  • Bystander Intervention.

  • CPR Certified.

BDSM/Kink Practicioner

  • Negotiations & Consent (P.R.I.C.K.,S.C.C., R.A.C.K.).

  • Author & Consultant.

  • Skilled in Impact Play, Fire Play, Electroplay, Temperature Play, & Sensation Play.

Entertainment Creative

  • On Camera, VO, Swordfighting, Hand to Hand Combat.

  • Actor, Writer, Producer, Poet.

Event Management & Hospitality Extrordinaire

  • Over 15 years of experience in high-profile events, hospitality, and admin.

Detailed resume avail upon request.

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