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Intimacy Coordination & Production


Need an Intimacy Coordinator for your set?

(IDC Certified Pending)

PJ is a passionate Intimacy Coordinator, Creative Artist, and Consultant based in Los Angeles. 

With a diverse background in acting, writing, and creativity, PJ is dedicated to reshaping how intimacy is portrayed on screen and experienced behind the scenes. As a Kink/BDSM Educator and Author, PJ’s mission is to break down barriers and cultivate empowering spaces for intimate exploration in choreography. PJ is all about fostering nuanced on-screen intimacy that radiates sensitivity, and authenticity that embraces diverse relationship dynamics. PJ’s focus extends to themes of inclusivity within Poly, BDSM, and Kink while recognizing the importance of both cultural diversity and individual agency. Proudly queer, ND, and delightfully unconventional, she’s a staunch advocate for ethical collaborations that inspire positive change. Her goal is to help propel the industry forward by championing consent-driven standards and infusing creative mediums with "YASSSS" energy! As an IC she strives to assist in creating powerful moments that captivate, resonate, and empower others across a spectrum of creative expressions, especially for people of the global majority and BIPOC presenting folx in TV, Film and VO.


PJ is also a global soul with a well-stamped passport and a strong desire to work internationally. While her fluency lies in English and intermediate Spanish, her solo travels have taught her enough to navigate the limited landscapes of Japanese, Korean, French, and Italian as well.

Please reach out to me directly at


What is an Intimacy Coordinator? An IC is a trained professional who specializes in three things:

  • Choreographing those really steamy sexual situations you see on screen and the not-so-steamy ones too.

  • Being a liaison between the production and talent for making sure the storytelling matches the tone, and vision of the director.

  • Finally, being an advocate for the actor. Some things may get a little hairy on set and IC's are there to make sure your boundaries are honored and the space for play is consent forward.


I love telling stories that reflect more nuanced and alternative lifestyles. Not just from the beginning, but from the middle of someone's journey or even at the end. It's 2021 and not everything is so binary. Some people thrive in a throuple, Nonmonagomy does work and Queer platonic relationships can indeed last a lifetime. These stories can be just as rich, heartwarming, and thrilling even when it's not the focus and just the happenstance.  
In the future, this is where I will produce all the content that I'd love to, including the two currently waiting in the wings.

Curious about what they are? Email me at for a one sheet.

Also, I know many of you may have great stories to tell, but for legal reasons, Kink in Kolor cannot accept unsolicited materials at this time,  but if you'd like to collab, feel free to send a reel, res or etc

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