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Membership Application

All Kink In Kolor Events are carefully curated and attendance requires membership. All potential attendees may apply for free membership below. The discretion of all applicants is of utmost importance and all submissions are confidential and reviewed solely by our Kink In Kolor Team. If you're approved for membership, you will receive an email regarding the next steps including access to the ‘Members Only’ section of our site. This section includes access to our upcoming events, code of conduct and more!

Please note: Applications that don't include the requested items within the application will be rejected automatically.

8. Do you have experience in attending the following? (Please check all that apply, It’s ok if you don’t:)
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Verification Zoom 

Thanks for filling it all out, now we just need a quick verification call (5 min). Click the link below to set up a time. 

●    I will not disclose identifying information of any Kink in Kolor Member, Guest, Participant, Performer, Employee, or Officer to the media.
●    I will not use or attempt to use photography or video recording at a Kink in Kolor Event.
●    I will treat everyone with respect & I will always ask before touching.
●    I will immediately notify Kink in Kolor Security or Staff if at any time I suspect or see that anyone's safety or ability to consent is at risk
●    I acknowledge that any violation of the Kink In Kolor Code of Conduct will result in immediate removal from the event, without refund,  suspension, and/or a permanent ban from all future events.
●    I have read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agree to submit my information to The Kink In Kolor. I agree that The Kink In Kolor may utilize this information to contact me.
●    I represent and warrant that all of the information I have entered in this Membership Information Form is truthful, complete, and accurate, and is subject to verification by Kink In Kolor team.
●    I understand that submission of this form is merely an indication of interest and does not obligate Kink In Kolor to offer and accept me as a member or obligate me to join the membership if approved. If I am offered membership, I understand such an offer is subject to additional terms and conditions which I will have an opportunity to review prior to accepting the offer. Furthermore, I understand and irrevocably agree that Kink In Kolor management has the unrestricted right, in its sole and exclusive discretion, to grant or refuse, suspend and/or revoke my membership without notice or explanation.

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