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event rules

Kink In Kolor Events features a hand-selected, curated membership that strives to offer the best possible experience to its members with the utmost courtesy and respect at ALL times. We value sexy, open-minded, folx of all orientations and genders to join our parties. We are ALL the friendly(s), fun, and actively working to add freshness to this well oiled kinky machine. We hope to provide an opportunity for us all to learn from each other while exploring sexy things together. We aim to offer a safe environment for people to meet, learn, and meet new friends, colleagues, play partners, and more.  Most events will offer a complimentary signature cocktail/mocktail and some small bites, while others will be byob. All attendees must be registered as a member before ticket purchase and FULL event details will always go out closer to the event, with the address being given the night before. 


So Indulge in your exhibitionism, revel in your voyeuristic search, and play to your heart's content. This is a space where you can be free to be you no matter who’s around. You will never be expected to do more than you’re comfy with and we promise to always listen, learn, and give grace when needed.

Welcome to your kink journey, we’re glad you’re here!

  1. Have Fun!

  2. Keep your phone out of sight at all times in the play & kink areas (some events may require a phone check-in station). 

  3. No photos, video, snap chatting, Instagramming, tiktoking, etc., except in the photo booth or other designated areas (like smoking area, if provided).

  4. Participation is never required at any event. Feel free to let your voyeur flag fly.

  5. Dress to Impress or follow the theme of the event (inspo can be found via this link: ). Always wear what makes you feel comfy & sexy!

  6. If arriving in obvious fetish wear/gear, please come dressed appropriately for public spaces, once, inside the event, you can slip into something sexier. A long coat usually works best for entering & exiting.

  7. No touching another person without their permission, including non-sexual touching.

  8. Do not pressure anyone to play, fuck, or do other kinky shit with you OR to you. Asking a person once is fine, asking that same person more than once after they declined counts as pressuring. 

  9. Each event will have Kink Kaptains aka DM’s/Playspace Monitors who will be wearing a recognizable fanny pack and glowing wristband, chain, or headband. They are there to help and assist for the duration of each event. Please let them know if someone does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you see someone doing anything violating our Code of Conduct. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE ACTION ALONE.

  10. While Unionized Security will also be present at every event, please only approach them if the situation is a dire emergency. 

  11. Most play/kink/and sceneing will be allowed. Edgier forms of play (such as fire, wax, or suspension) will require permission from both the venue and host prior to the event. 

  12. Please clean up play equipment after use with materials provided at the sanitation station. While some venues may offer showers, towels, and bathroom toiletries, they may not always be provided. If you need special setups like drop cloths, personal towels, puppy pads…etc please plan to bring your own.

  13. No Kink Shaming, Slut Shaming, or any other SHAMING allowed. 

  14. No Discrimination or Hateration based on race, sexual identity, gender, or physical limitations allowed.

  15. Every event will provide lube, sanitation stations, and condoms for all versions of sexual engagement free of charge. 

  16. Most venues will have a designated area to place belongings, whether it’s access to a keyed lock system, locker, or otherwise.

  17. Alcohol & Smoking areas will be provided based on the consumption allowance mandated by the venue. 

  18. No pay for play or solicitation allowed (such as prostitution or professional dom/subbing).

  19. RED will be the universal safeword at all events, no exceptions!

For all my TL;DR folx here’s a quick list of Do’s & Don't's

DON'Ts (all these may get you banned and removed)

  • Don't harass other attendees for play or other kinky-related things.

  • Don't use your phone in undesignated areas.

  • Don't put down other members.

  • Don't touch someone else or touch their toys, props or other property, without asking and receiving permission.

  • Don't be creepy.

  • Don't damage the property or incite the neighbors.

  • Don't stand alone and pleasure yourself while watching a scene.

  • Don't Choose Violence.

  • Don't kink shame, slut shame, body shame.

  • Don't fight with words or fists.

  • Don't be racist, ageist, ableist, phobic, or radical in your interactions with other attendees.


DO’s (will keep us coming back for more) 

  • Be kind.

  • Follow the rules.

  • Dress in your best version of confidence.

  • Be graceful (especially if another member politely rejects an invitation).

  • Respect the space. 

  • Clean up after yourselves.

  • Practice Good Hygiene. Also, be mindful of heavy perfume and/or scents too, some people may be sensitive!

  • Most importantly, Have Fun!

Got Q's message subject: Events

Before reaching out, we ask that you view the more in depth code of conduct and FAQs as well!

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