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Meet The Author

Preciosa Janae

Preciosa Janae has a special affinity and love for the Kink & BDSM subcultures. As a lifestyle Domme/Sadist, former Professional Dominatrix, Creative Artist, and fledgling Intimacy Coordinator, This LA-based author desires to help others flourish in this dynamic community.


Her books: BDSM 101: For The People, Dating Kink-ish, and ProDomme Starter Kit give ALL the basics. While her workbooks: A Couple of Kinksters, Little Black Pro Book, and BDSM 101: Workbook For The People, help guide folx on their personal journeys. 


At this point, who doesn’t wanna be a kinky badass? It’s fun, freeing, and deliciously satisfying, SO to all the curious souls out there, 

Welcome to the KINK side!

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