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How much is membership?

It’s FREEEEEEEE bbyyyyyyy! Apply Here.


What if I’m new?

That’s ok, we love newbies here! Feel free to find me at an event and say hi, everyone is pretty friendly and ice breakers are my favorite thing! If you’d like to get some knowledge in, check out our free resource page or the books!


Where can I donate?

You can donate here or gift the company with a necessity from our amazon wish list!


I’m not a person of the global majority, can I still attend?

Of course! Even though our main goal is to create more space for communities of color (and marginalized folx) part of that goal is helping to bridge the gap across cultures and kink. We adore our allies and friends who want to support our goals!  

I'd love to have you speak at my event, talk on my podcast, or collab how do I get in touch?

Yay! Let’s spread the word together, connect with us at


Do you do private teaching sessions, demos, or things of that nature? 

I don’t personally, but I can recommend others who offer those services in a heartbeat if you'd like!


The tickets are sold out, can I pay at the door? 

Unfortunately not. All tickets sold will go through a secure site. Special cases can be vetted by the team for members only!


Will alcohol be served? 

This is dependent upon the venue. Some venues will not allow it, while others are ok with it.


What about drugs?

This ain't that type of party, No Drugs Allowed.


Are phones/photos/cameras/recording Allowed? 

Only at the photo booths, which will be stationed away from the play, kink, and/or sexy areas. The only people you may see with phones out will be staff and their usage is solely to communicate via walkie-talkie in case of an emergency. #ThankYouZelloApp.

How can I serve or help?

We can always use more volunteers!
Roles include: check-in, kink kaptains, assistants, and more! 
Fill Out The Form Below For More Info!

It's off to the dark side!

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